Collaborating for Social Good

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of giving back to society. Through our strong partnerships with suppliers, we aim to make a positive impact on communities and drive meaningful change. Join us on this journey as we leverage our network to create a better and more inclusive world.


We Partnered with Threadless because they are committed to sustainability and offer premium products that are ethically sourced.

A percentage of my earnings for any design in my shop will be donated to support Charitable Causes. For each item sold, Threadless will also make an additional donation of up to $1 per unit.

Ubuntu Afridrilles

Designed for Ubuntu Afridrilles is an espadrille brand created with the intention of bringing simplicity and down-to-earth design to people’s lives. The aim is to transport you back to nature, with images of flower blossoms, fresh air, and beautiful surroundings that aid in quieting the mind. These designs evoke these feelings within me, and I hope they do the same for you. Afridrilles is the world’s first customizable African espadrille brand. By purchasing these shoes, you are making a life-changing impact on a community of mothers with special needs children, helping them achieve financial independence in Kenya.

Print of love with Eastern Spring by Yenty Jap

Prints Of Love


Prints Of Love offer high quality prints and amazing customer service! And for every order you place, Prints of Love plants a tree in your name. Please use my special link below to receive FREE shipping and envelopes:

Use the code ESCPrints at Prints of Love for 10% off your order of $49 or more!

Eastern Spring Co - Geisha Wall Mural Mockup

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